Show Homes


Our Show Homes are an Experience ! 

They are actively designed to demonstrate a range of aspects unique to Straw Built Homes.  Not so much a particular style, but more a blend of finishes, energy efficient technologies and spaces.

But most importantly to allow you to “ test sleep”.

That's correct !

Would you consider buying a car with out driving it?  Well we think the same of a house !  Particularly one with such significantly different characteristics as those that a straw built home ensures. 

Our first show home - Ruatuna (here in the Eastern Bay) - has been open for viewing, and yes sleeping in :-), for over a year now. In this time we've had hundreds of guests, clients and friends come and stay and enjoy it .......

We invite you to come and stay at Ruatuna as well

We are also in the process of widening our network of show homes, to include a few more in the central North Island and Waikato. Watch this space !


Straw Built ...


Bruce & Lisa
" Sustainable Structures helped us create a house of difference, style and warmth.
But most important of all, a place that really feels like home"