Innovative Design


We offer specialist expertise in the design of - Unique Straw Built Homes.

With many years experience in design, architecture and more, they know how to create the absolute best straw built environment, and have helped our clients all over New Zealand realise their ideal homes.

Their creative design approach has some - well - rather amazing results :-)
Just view our gallery to see for yourself :-)

Often the initial concern is just keeping visitors and guests calm as they explore the completed home!  And projects built in view of the road often leads to frequent traffic jams and the odd car even leaving the road..... 

There is no doubt that these unique homes have had equally creative and some-what daring clients.  And their realization as completed projects has been made possible due to the close collabration between the two sister companies.  

Straw building has such a creative array of solutions that we relish each new architectural opportunity with focus and delight. 

We use Archicad as the initial design suite, which flows through 3D imaging  to comprehensive sun studies of each individual project.  This enables a comprehensive understanding, early on in the design of the project, by all concerned.

All our projects are accompanied with significant arm waving and much communication and conversation.... They believe there is no such thing as 'Communicating too Much ! ' - as it is the foundation on which a successful project and home gets built.

It is important to mention to you now .....

- They are VERY creative !

..... and they are NOT a group of magicians, economists or quantity surveyors either. Defining an estimate or quantifying a defined 'fixed' cost, before a project is completely designed and finalised, they will NEVER do :-)

In fact, the truth is, they can't design to a fixed cost, as there are waaaaaay too many variables and factors that influence the completed built cost of a home. Hell - a bath can cost anything between $175 and $17000! 

They will however always strive to design beautiful and comfortable homes based on their clients' passions, requirements and family needs.

So, if you are considering a new home built of straw, and would like to chat, simply make a Project Enquiry. This will give them a 'heads-up' on where you are at with your project, and they can then organise to chat to you in person about it.

In the meantime enjoy a few of their 3D renderings and drawings of projects ..... below :