Straw Built Homes Assist in the building of Quality Straw Homes.

The complete crew really appreciate and are proud of every project we work on, and the opportunity it gives us to 'Do What We Love' ..... Helping Build Straw Bale Homes.

Building is a funny thing really - we can never get there earlier enough, and everyone is always pleased to see us leave, just so they can enjoy their new home :-)

It's sometimes a wonder we don’t spend more time in therapy!  

But we consistently strive to achieve the best results we can.  And this whilst dealing with as many moving parts in the current construction industry, as there are in Michael Schumacher's car :-)

Our process is not as fast. But it is thorough, and our results will last a lot longer  ....
If you are after a “ fast house”, we'd ask you politely to get one delivered on a truck! 

Straw Built Homes, offers a high level of integrity and workmanship.

If you have a project in mind, we'd welcome the opportunity to chat to you about it.

Now enjoy a few pics (below) of the team busy building some of the projects  we have been involved with over the last 10 years.