Mike & Jewellee
"The fire, the stars, the serenity - magic. Staying here has confirmed our passion for straw bale. Now it will be an absolute obsession !! (till we get one :-) We love the sense of space, healthiness and the unquantifiable sense of rightness..."
Harker & Deborah
" Lovely warmth and light. A very comfortable home. Inspirational..."
Gaz & Glen
" After 8 years of imagining what a straw built home might be like, the reality is even better...."
Phillip & Rosalie
" Very Inspirational. Fantastic Spot. Love the house, exceptional warmth & comfort.
Will spread the news..."
Kel & Vicky
" There's snow on the hills, and a cold wind blowing outside, but there's no need to light the fire this morning.
You've got to love straw built homes! "
Bruce & Lisa
" Sustainable Structures helped us create a house of difference, style and warmth.
But most important of all, a place that really feels like home"
Peter & Maggie
" We love the wide window ledges, and the warm and friendly feel that only a straw built home has.
Straw's huge sound-proof qualities were also a bonus, especially for our five rooster, who still live on five years later!
We just love our home"

Nick & Maria
" It was a pleasure working with Sustainable Structures in designing our house.
They knew better what we wanted, than we did!"