What it Costs to Build a Straw Built Home.


Well this is the question we get asked the most!  What does it cost to build a Straw Bale Home?

Our 'blanket' reply to this is - 

Straw Built Homes are no cheaper, but often comparable to the cost of other quality building mediums. The only significant financial advantage is in the reduction of ongoing energy costs.

The Cost Issue must also 'bracketed' with a very clear statement that :

Building costs (whether they be straw or another building medium) vary widely according to the intricacies of what that particular project entails!

Just think about some of the 'variables/factors' that all combine to affect the final square meter cost of a project :

  • Single, split level or double storey
  • Flat or sloping land/ terrain
  • Roof material and shape
  • Level of finish, fittings and fixtures
  • Overall Wall height
  • Window opening sizes
  • Verandah/ decks, and how big... or small these are !

.... to just name a few :-)

This said, our 'Ruatuna series' is designed as a starting point for a comfortable entry level home. Our show home - Rutauna - is an example of one, and has inspired a few of our clients, that have visited and stayed overnight in it, to commission their own :-)  

Alternatively the Sustainable Structures design team can create your individual project to the boundaries of only imagination, and of course budget !

If you do have a specific project, and budget, in mind :-) .... Please feel free to Make a Project Enquiry so we can get a better understanding your project and requirements.  We can then take things from there.