Straw Bale International Sites
A selection of links from websites all around the world. Enjoy !
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  Link   DCAT - the Development Center for Appropriate Technology
DCAT - the Development Center for Appropriate Technology, works to enhance the health of the planet and our communities by promoting a shift to sustainable construction and development through leadership, strategic relationships and education. Check
  Link   The Last Straw
Since 1993, The Last Straw has been sharing news and developments from around the world about straw-bale construction and natural building. The journal includes diverse articles about projects and up-to-date techniques, written by and about those who
  Link   Bale Watch
A site that provides a range of different house plans and designs specific to straw bale.
  Link   Straw Bale Construction Explained by WikipediA
Straw Bale Construction - as explained by WikipediA - the free online encyclopedia. A great starting point to understanding Straw Bale construction - with links to other useful sites as well!
  Link   FAQs About Straw Building
A set of pretty useful FAQs as published on the CABSA (California Straw Building Association) website. This includes answers to: Won't the straw decompose? What about termites and pests? Isn't there a huge fire danger? Aren't bales susc